Tyska oberoende specialister har gjort denna.


Dom har 102 referenser som visar på att deras rekommendationer har stöd i forskningen.
Det är 24 Läkare med olika specialiteter som arbetat fram detta som stöd för dom läkare som inte satt sig in i all forskning och problematik med borrelia bakterien.

I Sverige används Elisa men i Tyskland så används Western Blot (Immunoblot IgM and IgG) mer eftersom den har en högre känslighet:

”The test systems on the market (ELISA, immunoblotting) are not standardised. Therefore, findings from different laboratories can be compared to only a limited degree. Testing for the presence of Borrelia-specific antibodiesis possible only with an immunoblot. If a Borrelia infection is suspected, an IgG and IgM immunoblot for Borrelia should be carried out in all cases.

Viktigt att veta är att negativa provsvar inte utesluter en borrelia infektion!!

”A negative serological finding does not rule out Lyme borreliosis.
(7/115/118/154) There may be a disease requiring treatment even without the detection of antibodies. (Causes: e. g. antibiotic treatment starting early but inadequate with immunodepressants, including cortisone, exhaustion of the immune system, masking of the causative agents, genetic disposition.)
A positive serological finding means that the patient has acquired a Borrelia infection at some point in time.
With a single serological test it is not possible to decide whether this
infection is active or latent; at best this can be decided by the attending physician on the basis of its clinical development.”


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