The Mayday Project

Mayday-protesten börjar idag i USA. Vi kan också hjälpa till från Sverige och övriga världen via sociala media och genom att höra av oss till IDSA, nedan finns info om hur. Det är detta som snabbast kan leda till förändringar även för oss. IDSA måste ändra sina felaktiga riktlinjer för behandling. Glöm inte att kika in live på protesten lite senare idag!

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Operation Storm The IDSA

If you want to make a difference…here is your chance!
We need all Lyme patients to participate.

This year, The Mayday Project as well as Lyme patients plan to storm the IDSA with every ounce of strength we can muster. Below you will find instructions for those of you who are unable to make it and would still like to participate. We are going to tackle them from every imaginable angle. Their building will be surrounded with Lyme patients, billboard trucks and supporters for two days. Over the next two days we will flood their phones, emails, fax machines, and social media sites with truth…an evidence based document providing a concrete case for chronic Lyme disease, the likes of which has yet to be presented to them. We are demanding they overturn the incorrect guidelines that are causing suffering to hundreds of thousands and even death. The changing of the guidelines and the acceptance of Chronic Lyme is our goal on these two days. We are demanding better treatment, research, and a cure. The whole world will be watching as we take this entire event to the internet via live stream.

Watch as we confront the IDSA here:

Here is how you can help:
Throughout the day, we need people to post on the IDSA’s Facebook page, sharing the document “Scientific Proof of Chronic Lyme Disease” provided on our website.

Download “Scientific Proof of Chronic Lyme Disease” here:

IDSA’s Facebook Page:

Hammer the IDSA twitter page, using the hash tag #revisetheguidelines#themaydayproject2014 #CureLyme #LymeDisease

Throughout the two days, we also want people to call (703) 299-0200 demanding a change to the outdated guidelines. Call them from all over the country and world. When you call, use every single option on the menu, talking to everyone you can. Keep calling them!

Fax “Scientific Proof of Chronic Lyme Disease” to the IDSA at (703)-299-0204.

Use their website contact page and flood as many of your stories of Chronic Lyme as you can. Let them know how you have followed their protocol for antibiotic therapy and are still sick and bedridden.

Here is a list of people we will call and ask them to review our evidence and respond accordingly. If they tell you that they can’t help you, ask them to put you in contact with someone that can. Do not take no for an answer!

Vice President of Communications:
Diana Olson
(703) 299-0201

Communications and Public Affairs Officer:
Jennifer Ford
(703) 299-0412

Sky Opilia (312) 558-1770

Stay vigilant and keep pressing them! We have the evidence, now let’s force them to see it and start the process of Lyme disease being accepted as a persistent ongoing infection. Be prepared to make history May 22 – 23, 2014!

All relevant information regarding the event will be at

The Mayday Project
A Lyme Disease Protest in Arlington VA. May 22-23, 2014. Be heard, take action, and join us.

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